• Mobile Phone Forensics
  • Audio Analysis and Enhancement
  • ​Data Recovery

Digital Forensic investigation

  • ​Indecent and Extreme Imagery

Our Digital Forensic Services

  • ​​Computer Forensics

  • ​​Fraud Investigation
  • CCTV Analysis and Enhancement

  • ​Onsite Investigations
  • ​Search and Seizure
  • ​UK Wide and International
  • ​Data Collection

MB Digital Forensics pride themselves on producing bespoke, clear, technical case reports of their findings; all digital evidence recovered is in compliance with the ACPO guidelines.

At MB Digital Forensics our team are aware that unexpected evidence can crop up during a trial, we are experienced in turning cases round quickly, within 24-48 hours.

Our digital forensic experts have worked on investigations including, but not restricted to; murder, rape, terrorism offences, money laundering, IP theft, fraud, child pornography, computer misuse, internet piracy, drug offences, child protection and assault charges.

If for any reason the evidence is not available to be sent to our offices, MB Digital Forensics have a team who are specifically trained to conduct  On-Site Investigations.

All cases presented to MB Digital Forensics are treated with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality.

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